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Stimulant Epidemic

Subtitle: How the powers that be are creating the next profitable drug epidemic!

Anyone that has been in the alcohol and other drug field for over ten years, will be aware of an alarming trend in marketing of illicit drugs.

Recently, the news media has been running stories about the prevalence of heroin among our youth and, in particular, among athletes. It all started with the medical academic community beginning to write article about how we are under-treating those persons with accute and chronic pain. If you do a Google search for "untreated pain" you will see that 31,600 articles are discovered.

The top listed article is from an organization that makes money off of treating persons with pain. It has become a widespread industry. The article goes on to say the following:

"Chronic pain, a diagnosis including arthritis, back pain, and recurring migraines, can have a profound effect on a person’s day to day life when it goes untreated. People dealing with ongoing or long-term pain can become irritable, short-tempered, and impatient, and with good reason. Constant pain raises the focus threshold for basic functioning, which leaves the pained person with a greatly reduced ability to find solutions or workarounds to even relatively mundane problems. Something like a traffic jam, which most people would be mildly annoyed by but ultimately take in stride, could seriously throw off the rhythm of someone who is putting forth so much effort just to get through the day" Read the entire article on this website: http://www.ipcaz.org/long-term-effects-untreated-chronic-pain

It was articles like this one that made the public take notice, but not at the level that came after the pharmaceutical companies started marketing opiate-based analgesics to treat this pain. In 1995 the FDA approved the marketing of OxiContin, the strongest opiate pain medicine on the market. It was promoted in the proven market strategy of convincing doctors that this new drug would be much less addictive and not have the typical addictive problems physicians were very well aware of in morphine and dialudid. However, it wasn't true that it was much less addictive, in fact, the opposite was true and it wasn't long before OxiContin become a profitable street drug and young people learned that they would grind up the pills and snort them and get a high equal to or better than that of heroin.

Purdue Pharma, the company that patented OxiContin and is responsible for propagating the myth that it is less addictive and therefore less likely to abuse, was brought to task by the FDA after many overdose deaths and typical many lives ruined by arrest for illegal means of procuring the drug. Prisons in the lat 90's were full of prisoners that were guilty of breaking that law in some manner that related to OxiContin.

In 2007, Purdue Pharma was fined 654 million dollars for being caught marketing this drug by false representations. It was one of the largest fines that the FDA had every levied against a pharmaceutical company. The FDA also told them that they need to change the manufacturing of OxiContin so that it couldn't be snorted or injected. When this happened, all of those, perhaps millions, of Americans that were addicted to OxiContin were now looking for a drug that was similar to the old, addictive OxiContin. Guess what, heroin, soon relieved the market pressures. It was via this history that got us to where we are today in terms of young people being addicted to heroin, a drug that their parents always equated with the worse form of addiction in society and something that they never thought that their children would every have any contact with the drug or its users or pushers.

So why is this important on a web page about "Stimulants"? Because if you pay attention, the same thing is happening with the news media and the doctors and medical schools creating an environment that will open a huge market for methamphetamines and other stimulants that have yet to be named or manufactured. It is just a matter of time, believe us, we have been in this field for over 40 years and we know who the real "drug pushers" are at the end of the day.

Stimulants are marketed to those who have pain, feel sorry for those who experience pain, or treat pain management. Stimulates are focused on weight loss and learning and/or study enhancement. Most people are aware of the history of how the psychologist and psychiatrist have created diagnosis for the most ridiculous or problems. Children who don't like to work or study may be given the label of "Autism" or other even fifteen new mental health diagnosis in the latest version. This is how the American Psychological Association and the their MD friends, the American Psychiatric Association market their professions that are responsible for many of the people that we have treated for addiction problems.

Everyone knows that America is having an epidemic of obesity. This has made millions for everyone that is either selling unhealthy and fattening foods to Weight Watchers and other organizations that are selling drugs to stem appetites and increase metabolism.

Ritalin has been used for years to "treat" those that have ADD/ADHD and other types of disorders that keep children from sitting in their chairs in the classroom or being able to pass their test. Ritalin was being sold on most elementary playgrounds by the kids that were prescribed this drug because others found that they could take it and not get a stimulant high, similar to that of methamphetamines.

If you are a parent or a concerned citizen, then be aware that if you are on the page to learn about stimulants, you are finding the usual information that is on many websites about meth and other types of speed. You can go to this sister site and get that data, if you are interested. Click HERE

This information is not so easily found. We were fortunate to have a learned colleague that was shocked by the discovery of this type of marketing and how our society is being drugged by a calculated plan of businesses and medical professional working in tandem that ultimately gives us another "epidemic" in the "war on drugs". Much of the information on this page comes from our colleagues research and we will give credit to her paper once it is released.

Crystal meth was easily obtained when there were meth labs on "every corner" but today, law enforcement has made that more difficult, so where will people now turn... to the DOCTORS!