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Dilaudid is the commercial name for hydrophone, an opiate analgesic that is prescribed medically for moderate to severe pain. As a street drug, Dilaudid is known to be similar to heroin and since it is a commercial drug and the purity can be assured, it is the choice of many heroin addicts. In drug rehab centers, we find that addiction to opiates ranks as one of the highest causes for admission.

Opiates, depending on their type, can sell for $2 to $10 a piece. Pills like Dilaudid are very expensive selling for $50 to $60 dollars a piece on the street. Addiction is a major risk with prolonged use (over 2-3 weeks) of Dilaudid.

Dilaudid addiction can happen to anyone. Its addiction potential is similar to that of morphine or heroin. Longterm Drug Rehab hasn't experienced many calls from people that have a straight Dilaudid addiction, but it is a choice of many that are addicted to opiates. Many times, the course of ones addiction begins with a physical aliment where the physician prescribes Vicodin or a similar opiate, but when the patient complains that their pain is not helped at that level, they are given strong opiates, like Dilaudid.

It isn't unusual for people to find that Dilaudid takes care of their pain, but they become psychologically addicted to the euphoria that is similar to the high from heroin. When their original doctor becomes concerned about addiction, they then resort to what is called doctor shopping. The addict will make appointments with new physician and explain that Dilaudid is the only medication that relieves their severe pain.

Most doctors are aware that Dilaudid is a popular street drug making them weary about prescribing this medication. To explain the amount of Dilaudid on the streets, it is assumed that most of it comes from theft from pharmacies or wholesale distributors or theft from hospitals and nursing homes. Unfortunately, we are finding senior citizens selling part or all of their Dilaudid prescription to enhance their income. Longterm Drug Rehab has found that most callers on Dilaudid are getting them from illicit street purchases.

No matter how Dalaudid is procured, it becomes a strong addiction very quickly and leads the addicts to theft and other crimes that they would have never committed before they started feeling that their lives depend on getting more of this drug or other opiates.

Opiate addiction ruins lives and families very quickly and is public health concern because of the personal suffering and the cost to society from loss of productivity, joblessness and all of the ramifications that surround addictions that rule one's life.

Effects of Dilaudid

Dilaudid actions on the body are similar to all other opiates, like morphine. However, the euphoria is similar to heroin. It is one of the most prescribed opiate pain medication given to the terminally ill cancer patients. The side effects are the same as other opiates but more profound because of its high potency. Dilaudid is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant and the effects of this drug are intensified by alcohol and other CNS depressants.

Many heroin users will prefer Dilaudid because they can be assured of its strength and the risk of overdosing isn't as likely as seen with street drugs that are diluted with baking soda and other compounds increase the amount of the drug, but diminish its strength.

Dilaudid tablets are water soluble and are easily dissolved in a syringe which complements the need to prepare the drug to be injected. Dilaudid is not as available as heroin in most places in the U. S. and sells and can demand premium prices. Long-term Drug Rehab has talked to many patients that began using heroin because they couldn't afford Dilaudid, which was their drug of choice.

Most states do not keep individual stats on the illicit sale of Dilaudid, but include it in the group of illicit opiates, therefore, it is difficult to document the actual use of Dilaudid as compared to other street drugs.

If you or a loved one is addicted to Dalaudid, call our licensed counselors at 888-781-7060 to discuss your problem and find an appropriate and effective drug rehab center that will free you from the daily demand for drugs that are wrecking your health and putting you in high risk for legal problems that will taint your reputation and your ability to fulfill your dreams. Since there are drug treatment centers that can give you the enthusiasm for life without the chemical support of opiates, be smart and ask for help NOW!