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There is nothing more devastating for a substance abuser and his family than going to treatment and then relapsing. One of the main reasons that someone relapses is that he did not go to a long term drug rehab center. What is long term drug treatment? If you search for long term drug treatment centers in the Facility Locator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, treatment program more than 30 days is considered a long term drug treatment center. Yet, research done by the National Insitute on Drug Abuse shows that less than 90 days treatment for someone severely afflicted with substance abuse is not successful. On this web-site, we consider long term drug and alcohol treatment to be 90 days or more.
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Long Term Drug Rehab in Arkansas


For immediate help in finding long term drug rehab in Arkansas, call 888-781-7060 for a free assessment or use the form below and a licenced, experienced drug and Alcohol Counselor will contact you as soon as possible.

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Please fill out this information form as completely as possible so that we can provide you with the best help possible. We will help you find a good long term rehabilitation facility with a high success rate.

Arkansas Long-term Drug Rehab Centers helpline was set up as a no cost service to get people help for addiction problems. When someone has expressed willingness and need to go to treatment, it is important to act quickly. Certified counselors will assist you with your drug rehab questions. Many drug rehab centers and programs are available for people from Arkansas. However, the best long-term center for your particular situation and circumstance may not be located out of state. We can help guide you to finding the appropriate drug rehab program for your situation within the state of Arkansas as well as outside the state.

Finding Long Term Drug Rehab in Arkansas

We have provided a list of some of the long term druug rehab centers in Arkansas at the bottom of this page. Unfortunately there are not very many programs that offer residential treamtent that is more than 30 days. You can call us and we may be able to help you find a program that is in one of your neighbor states.

There are different long term treatment modalities and choosing the right one is important. There is no program that fits everyone so it can help to seek advice form Long Term Drug Rehab as you will talk to someone who has more than 30 years of experience and knows the ins and outs of every treatment modality.

Our philosophy is to refer you to the best possible drug rehab center because we want the person to achieve a drug free life without substitute drugs. If at all possible we will refer you to a long term substance abuse treatment center where the individual can achive a completely drug free life and be happy in life without the crutch of any legalor illegal drugs or alcohol

Every state has a "Single State Agency" whose responsibility is to oversee the licensing, funding and supervision of its alcohol and drug rehab programs. These agencies are usually under the supervision of the Health Departments and may include mental health services as well. In Arkansas this is called Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (OADAP).

For those persons that need state funded programs, you need to be aware that the budgets for the Single State Agencies usually doesn't allow for the funding of longterm drug rehab, but our counselors will find state funded programs if they are available and if you qualify under they income standards. There are also faith based long termytreatment centers and those are sometimes easier to get into than the state financed programs.

Arkansas has struggle with meth addiction for many years now and it continues to be one of its major drugs of abuse. Most areas in Arkansas live within the poverty index and the treatment programs that are available are usually underfunded and do not do what is needed to get persons stable and in a recovery that will sustain them once they leave.

If you can afford to pay for treatment, then it is best that you look for centers outside of the Arkansas, for many reasons. One, there are no longterm alcohol and drug treatment centers in Arkansas that we have reviewed that we would recommend. Two, it is best to get away from your family and friends while you confront changing your behaviors. There are so many elements that you need to understand to be able to pick a good long-term alcohol and drug treatment center for yourself or your loved one. Since our team of professionals have reviewed over 150 treatment centers around the world, it is best to contact us personally and just take the time to talk about your problem and you will soon discover that you know yo are in good hands. 888.781.7060

The link to the Arkansas Single State Aghency is The site does not list individual programs but they can be contacted for information and advice.

Read about types of long term drug treatment centers.

For immediate assistance to find a long-term drug rehabilitation center in Arkansas, call 1-888-781-7060.

Long Term Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers in Arkansas

The following information on long term drug and alcohol treatment centers is based on informaiton provided by an agency called Substabce Abuse and Mental Helath Services Administration. Long term here means 30 days or more. We recommend 3 or more months or more. You can call these agencies directly or call us and get help with finding the right program.

Recovery Centers of Arkansas
1201 River Road
North Little Rock, AR 72114
(501) 372-4611

BCD Hoover Treatment Center
4000 West 13th Street
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 663-4774
Intake: (501) 663-4774x10

Serenity House
DBA Serenity Park Inc
2801 West Roosevelt Road
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 663-7627
Intake: (866) 699-7627

Quality Living Center Inc
3925 Asher Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 663-3490

Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare
Substance Use Disorder/(SUD) Program
North Little Rock Division
2200 Fort Roots Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72114
(501) 257-1000
Intake: (501) 257-5718

Gyst House Inc
8101 Frenchman Lane
Little Rock, AR 72209
(501) 568-1682
Intake: (888) 723-9706

Oasis Renewal Center
14913 Cooper Orbit Road
Little Rock, AR 72223
(501) 376-2747

Human Development and Research Servs
Substance Abuse Treatment Services
6841 West 13th Street
Pine Bluff, AR 71602
(870) 879-1051

Human Development and Research Servs
Pine Bluff Outpatient Office
6841 West 13th Street
Pine Bluff, AR 71602
(870) 879-1051
Intake: (870) 541-0965

Sobriety Living Center
2001 West 5th Street
Pine Bluff, AR 71601
(870) 535-1111

Harbor House Inc
615 North 19th Street
Fort Smith, AR 72901
(479) 785-4083 0.6 Map

Gateway House Inc
3900 North Armour Avenue
Fort Smith, AR 72904
(479) 783-8849

Western Arkansas Counseling and
Guidance Center
3113 South 70th Street
Fort Smith, AR 72903
(479) 478-6664
Hotline: (479) 478-6664

Quapaw House Inc
DG Dunston Adolescent Center
179 Dunston Road
Mount Ida, AR 71957
(870) 867-2266

Crowleys Ridge Development Council
Northeast Ark Regional Recovery Center
6009 CW Post Road
Jonesboro, AR 72401
(870) 932-0228

State Supported Programs in Arkansas

Most of these are not longterm drug rehab programs. There are not enough state funded beds as compared to how many people need them so most state funded oprograms end up being short term.

Decision Point...Bates Campus P. O. Box 1393 602 N. Walton Blvd (Physical) Bentonville, AR 72712...Residential Treatment

OZARK MOUNTAIN ALCOHOL RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT, INC. (OMART)...OMART P. O. Box 308 116 Snowball Drive (Physical) Gassville, AR 72635...Residential Treatment, Detoxification

Wilbur D. Mills Center
3204 E. Moore Street Searcy, AR 72143...Residential Treatment Outpatient Treatment Specialized Women's Services Detoxification
Partial Day Co-occurring Disorders

Northeast Arkansas Regional Recovery Center 6009 C. W. Post Road Jonesboro, AR 72401
Darla Tate, Director
Teresa Wooten, Administrator Telephone: 870-932-0228 Fax: 870-910-5689 E-Mail:
Residential Treatment Outpatient Treatment Detoxification

GATEWAY HOUSE, INC....3900 Armour Avenue Fort Smith, AR 72904
Anita Hudson-Meadows, Executive Director Telephone: 479-783-8849 Fax: 479-782-5682 E-mail: E-Mail:
Residential Treatment Female Only Outpatient Treatment Detoxification
Specialized Women's Services

HARBOR HOUSE, INC....P. O. Box 4207 615 North 19th Street (Physical) Fort Smith, AR 72914 Website:
Mary E. Alink, Executive Director Lou White, Director of Counseling Services Telephone: 479-785-4083
Fax: 479-494-7726 E-mail:
Residential Treatment Male Only Outpatient Treatment Detoxification

Horizon Adolescent Treatment Program 3113 S. 70th Street Fort Smith, AR 72903
Rob Covington, Ph.D., Director Telephone: 479-478-6664 Fax: 479-478-6793
Adolescent Residential Treatment Adolescent Outpatient Treatment Co-occurring Disorders

Freedom House
P. O. Box 1463 400 Lake Front Drive (Physical) Russellville, AR 72802-2206
Gary Rhodes, Program Director Email: Phone: 479-968-7086
Fax: 479-968-7225
Residential & Outpatient Treatment Services Detoxification Partial Day

Wilbur D. Mills Center
3204 E. Moore Street Searcy, AR 72143
Jim Clark, Chief Operating Officer Phone: 501-268-7777 Phone: 800-529-9503 Fax: 501-305-5009
Residential and Outpatient Treatment Services Detoxification Specialized Women's Services

QUAPAW HOUSE, INC....P. O. Box 3450 Mail 812 Mountain Pine Road (Physical) Hot Springs, AR 71914 Website:
Robert O'Dowd, Executive Director E-Mail: Phone: 501-767-4456 Fax: 501-767-4617
Residential and Outpatient Treatment Services Detoxification...812 Mt. Pine Road Frank McIlroy, Clinical Director Hot Springs, AR 71913 Phone: 501-767-4456
Fax: 501-767-4617
Residential Treatment Services Detoxification

179 Dunston Road (Physical) Mt. Ida, AR 71957
Willard "Wolf" Gragg, Program Coordinator Phone: 870-867-2266 Fax: 870-867-2268 Residential Adolescent Treatment Services

4000 West 13tth Street Little Rock, AR 72204
Deborah Bledsoe, Program Director Richard Richardson, Clinical Supervisor Phone: 501-663-4774
Fax: 501-663-7228

1201 River Road North Little Rock, AR 72114 Website: Carole Baxter, Executive Director Phone: 501-372-4611 Fax: 501-372-1801 E-Mail: Residential and Outpatient Treatment Services

SERENITY PARK, INC. & SERENITYHOME FOR WOMEN...2801 W. Roosevelt Road Little Rock, AR 72204 Website:
Larry Gaines, Executive Director Billy Deluca, Administrator Phone: 501-663-7627 or 501-664-9707
Toll Free: 866-699-7627 Fax: 501-663-2859 E-Mail:
Residential Treatment Services for Males & Females (Gender Separate) Partial Day
Outpatient (Male & Female)

LITTLE ROCK COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER..Mid-Arkansas Substance Abuse 4601 West 7th Street Little Rock, AR 72205-5441
Tom Grunden, Executive Director George Weaver, Crisis Residential Services Director Flavia Smith, Program Coordinator Phone: 501-686-9380 or
501-686 9393 Fax: 501-686-9581 E-mail: E-mail: Detoxification Court Ordered Treatment

UNION COUNTY DRUG COURT...P. O. Box 8707 Pine Bluff, AR 71611 6814 Princeton Pike (Physical) Pine Bluff, AR 71602 Website: html#Pine
Larry Norris, Director Wendy Kelly, Assistant Director Phone: 870-267-6999 Roger Cameron, Administrator Phone: 870-267-6328 Fax: 870-267-6327 E-mail: Criminal Justice System Residential Treatment Day Treatment

6841 West 13th Street Pine Bluff, AR 71601
James Edmunds, CCS, Facility Manager Phone: 870-879-1051 Fax: 870-879-0118
Residential Treatment Services Detoxification

NEW BEGINNINGS C.A.S.A. 412 York Street Rita Shepherd, Executive Director Warren, AR 71671 Phone: 870-226-9970
Fax: 870-226-9972 E-Mail:
Residential and Outpatient Treatment Services Specialized Women's Services Detoxification
Partial Day

Other long term substance abuse treatment facilities may be available and we will add them as we find them.